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Fulbright alumna strives for an inclusive community for differently abled persons

On Friday, May 4, 2018, Fulbright alumna Tayyaba Azeem, founder of SpeakUp!, organized a coaching session for Differently Abled Persons (DAP) with the support of USEFP at its Karachi premises. The session was attended by DAPs from different educational backgrounds and interests and facilitated by a fully-trained sign language interpreter from ConnectHear.

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PhD Alumni Forum Encourages Conversation on Alumni Experiences and Challenges

In an effort to foster a healthy exchange of ideas, encourage meaningful discussion, and influence change, USEFP organized PhD Alumni Forums, for Fulbright alumni who completed their PhD degrees in the United States. The forums were held in Islamabad as well as Karachi and were also attended by representatives from the U.S. Embassy and USEFP.

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