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Fulbright Scholar Heading to Princeton to Study Math!

USEFP just bid adieu to another talented cohort of 15 Fulbright scholars (2016 – 2017) heading to top U.S. universities, which include Harvard Law SchoolPrinceton UniversityUC Berkeley and Harvard Medical School. Hailing from across the country, these Pakistani scholars – who all hold doctoral degrees in a variety of specializations – will undertake 12 months of invigorating lectures and or opportunities for post-doctoral research in their field of study.

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend This Year’s Alumni Conference

Plan now to attend this year’s conference: Agents of Change: Fulbright and Humphrey alumni, to celebrate the incredible achievements of our alumni, who we consider catalysts for positive social change in Pakistan. The conference is a unique opportunity to be inspired by Fulbright and Humphrey alumni who are leaders in their respective fields and have incredible stories of triumph and lessons learned to share with our audiences. Here are five more reasons why you (as a Fulbright or Humphrey alumni) should attend this year’s conference:

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